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MAGICAL GIRL APOCALYPSE vol.1 - Coming in October!

This dark, hyper-violent series is on the cusp of its release! Just in time for an early Halloween treat! —CC

I wonder if this is anything like Mahou shoujo site… then again I don’t see Mahou shoujo site being licensed due to its brutal nature and extreme depictions of bullying. Still I’ll have to check this out laters.

RA: I have a rule by The-Yuri-Canon

This was just supposed to be some quick silliness to give me a break from struggling with the paneling for the next page of Inside OuT. Only something went wrong with my Sai settings and I ended up with this hazy white edge along my lines… even though my colours were below the lines… I figured out how to fix the problem for the most part, it is still acting oddly… I’m thinking one of my setting might be off or something. I’ll have to figure it out later. *scratches her head*

Well that is all for now.

During that whole kerfuffle about Hello Kitty not being a cat, which was just silliness to me, the library send me Hello Kitty Must die by Angela S. Choi as a recommendation… Considering my taste in books, which tends to be more on the horror side, I wondered how this could end up being recommended to me. However, apparently it is about psychopaths and traditional Chinese culture through the eye of one rather miffed Asian woman. Four chapters in and so far she had just ranted and rambled about how horrible traditional Chinese life is and gone on and on about her Hymen… The reviews are rather mixed, you can see what I mean on Good reads, but I’m never one to listen to reviews so I’ll read what I can between my art, it is rather short so should be easy to devour in no time at all.

sum-to-infinity asked:

I apologise for sounding like an absolute idiot but it's 3:24am here... How is this a thing?! This is actually really clever! Especially since you can also heat the cans (somehow). What does creamy tea taste like if you have never tried any?:)

*shurgs* It has been around since the 80. The cans are kept hot in vending machines, I’m not sure if it can be reheated or not. I haven’t tried creamy or milk tea yet. Tried coffee milk mind you but I’m not a coffee person myself, I mostly drink green tea or berry tea. Never really tried these other flavors myself, but I really should. Plus all the green tea snacks, I did like that green tea chocolate surprisingly enough.

Sorry, I can’t give you a clear answer.



canned tea exists and I don’t know how to cope.

Drink box tea too. I think it’s a Chineese or Japanese thing….

Doraemon Creamy Tea! I still don’t understand how they keep these cans hot. I could see myself burning myself on one without realizing it. There is a store that sells a lot of these things out here. I really need to try more of them.

I found a site that gives a little history about Canned Tea in Japan, particularity Green Tea, if you are interested in a bit more about where this came from. 





There appears to be a Selector Infected Wixoss manga called Peeping Analyze being published by Ultra Jump! My only question is how is this linked to the TV series, which I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment, Spread, to start and where can I buy this!

I heard it was a prequel of sorts, more focusing on the life of one of the characters before Infected began.

Do you happen to know which character?

According to the news reports the manga will focus on Piriluk’s life before she became a LRIG. And it looks like that, unlike Yuzuki, she did not get to keep her name of Kiyoi.

Makes sense when you think of all the connections they make. The manga title refers to a Piruruku-only ARTS card, and the mange was called -Blue Appli- before, instead referring to her started deck. There’s also the fact that Kiyoi’s LRIG Remember in the card game has Piruruku as a LRIG type of all of current cards, minus here level 0 card.

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