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Who is The Yuri Canon?
The Yuri Canon is a freelance lesbian artist/writer who has been helping spread yuri goodness. Some might remember me by the name of Shinigami Shimai, or My Pixiv Page name Haruka Neko, or maybe even my old company name of Kat and Neko Manga from a decades ago. For years I helped out with conventions, such as Yuricon, and a number of other conventions and film festivals in the LGBT community to help spread the wonders of Yuri to the world. But after a mental collapse, and a lot of nagging from doctors and friends, it became apparent I really shouldn’t have been working so much… or at all… So I moved all my art online and I turned to writing yuri novels for the time.

After a very long, and much needed, break from the anime/manga scene, and with the help and support of my lovely wife, I decided to return to my old focus of helping to spread yuri to the world through more than just my art/writing. Slowly I’ve been trying to catch up with all the yuri that has spilled out into the world since I left and now, through the help of tumblr, am bringing my finding back to you. I’ve also recently started helping out the scanlation group Comet scan on clean up and redrawing of Shinozaki-san ki wo oto shika ni to help bring you more yuri goodies.

For the most part I’ll be posting my own art from my ongoing yuri manga, Inside OuT, to my silly shorts from Random Acts or other yuri fanart of couples I enjoy the most. Also, expect to see a lot of random yuri screenshots, news and art from other artist as I spread the wonderful world of yuri to you all.

So welcome, sit down and enjoy your stay. My Growing Yuri List for tags to many of the series I’ve already been posting about and links to where to buy/watch many of the series online. I’ll continuously be adding more to the list as I come across new things, or stumble upon old favs.

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to Ask Me stuff if you wish.


What is better then cute Momongas photos, Video!!! OMG Cute! Sadly these guys are apparently endangered. We need to protect the cuteness!

  1. deglorath said: Omg, the scenes of them with their heads sticking out of the tree, so cute! ;_;
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